Denise Bergman's A Woman in Pieces Crossed a Sea was published by West End Press in 2014. The book won the West End Press Patricia Clark Smith Poetry Prize.

The Telling, a book-length poem, was published in 2013 by Červená Barva Press.

Her book Seeing Annie Sullivan, poems based on the early life of Helen Keller's teacher (Cedar Hill Books), was translated into Braille and into a Talking Book.

She was the editor of City River of Voices, an anthology of urban poetry (West End Press), and author of Keyhole Poems, a sequence that combines the history of specific urban places with the present.

Her poems have been widely published. An excerpt from her poem "Red," about the effects of a slaughterhouse, was permanently installed by the city of Cambridge, MA, in a neighborhood park. She was featured as a Split This Rock Poet of the Week in May 2013.